If you would like to participate as a speaker in the conference we are looking for contributions for the streamed sessions covering Municipalities, Business & Associations and Domestic Users. Take a look at the Call for Speakers PDF and email your ideas to: abstracts@eclf.bike .


Mikael Colville-Andersen, Copenhagenize Design Company KEY NOTE SPEAKER


Mikael Colville-Andersen is one of the leading global voices in urban planning and he regards the bicycle as the most important tool in our transport toolbox for rebuilding our liveable cities and nations. As CEO of Copenhagenize Design Company, he works with cities and governments around the world in coaching them towards becoming more bicycle friendly. He is known for his pioneering philosophies about simplifying urban planning and urban cycling and how cities and towns should be designed instead of engineered. He employs anthropology and sociology in his work to develop liveable cities and is sceptical about the weight we place on traffic engineering. His approach and philosophy have led to him being referred to as The Richard Dawkins of Cycling by The Guardian and the Pope of Urban Cycling by Canadian newspaper, La Presse. He travels around the world giving keynotes about how countries and cities could be better if we go "back to the future" and look at solutions that worked for centuries - and apply them today. His new TV series The Life-Sized City will premiere in 2017.


Liv Jorun Andenes, Agency for City Environment, City of Oslo PLENARY SPEAKER


Liv Jorun Andenes is a communication officer for the City of Oslo’s Bicycle Office. She spearheads the municipality’s communication with its citizens regarding the bold plans for rebuilding a bicycle-friendly Oslo. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and an MA in Development and Environment. Her studies culminated with her thesis, entitled “Bicycle Commuting in Oslo - Practices, Constraints and New Directions for Policy” which provided her with the perfect springboard into her current job, where she works daily with campaigns, communication and pilot projects.


Richard Armitage FCILT, C4ST, Hyde, UK

Richard has specialised in sustainable transport innovation for over 35 years in many settings, including low-floor buses, from cleaner fuels (EV, CNG) to car sharing, from personalised journey planning to residential travel plans, and now cycle logistics. Richard has successfully introduced new techniques and technologies in the transport industry. He currently contributes his transport planning and policy development skills to the CycleLogistics Ahead project, as Director of the European Cycle Logistics Federation. Back home in Manchester, he is co-director of a new cycle-based business, Cycle Waggle Ltd., providing last mile delivery services on cargo bikes and high quality affordable bike hire. Richard Armitage is non-executive chairman of public transport specialists, The TAS Partnership, and has been chair of the Cycling Forum of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport UK since 2011.

Gary Armstrong, Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge, UK

Gary is a consultant with Outspoken LLP, the Cambridge-based cycle logistics company. He was a project leader on the EU CycleLogistics Project (2011-14) and the EU CycleLogistics Ahead Project (2014-17). He has delivered training workshops on how to start up a cycle logistics business all over Europe. He has worked for local government on the delivery of sustainable transport and mobility management programmes and worked previously for information technology firms.


Johan Erlandsson, Velove, Gothenburg, Sweden


Johan is a dedicated formula 1 fan, tech lover and lives in the city of Volvo Cars: Gothenburg, Sweden. But he also has a solid background in sustainability, and knows that a widespread use of cars and vans do not only fit badly into cities, but is also totally unsustainable, no matter how much electricity, hydrogen and self-driving you put into the mix. Mass car and van use is just too resource and energy demanding to be a real answer to the acute climate crisis we have at our hands. The cargo cycle is however the perfect answer to Johans background. Limitless possibilities to include beautiful tech, and so energy and resource efficient that every person on the planet can have one (or even two), without crossing planetary boundaries. Johan has for the last five years been going all in on cargo cycles, starting up both a cycle logistics company (Pling Transport) and developing a new groundbreaking cargo cycle, the Armadillo.