Milena Janjevic, Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Qalinca Labs), Brussels, Belgium (Bar Table 5)

Dr. Milena Janjevic (F), a Polytechnical Engineer, holds a a Ph.D in transport and Logistics Engineering, is a Senior researcher and lecturer at Université Libre de Bruxelles and an invited Lecturer at Ecole des Mines (Paris). Her research is particularly focused on urban freight logistics with a particular focus on the modeling of innovative concepts/strategies and the use of new technologies.

Tamara Gomez Valdés, Donostia/San Sebastian, San Sebastian, Spain (Bar Table 6)

Tamara is a Technical architect and Superior Technician in Labour Risk Prevention with the specialities of Safety, psychosocial Ergonomics and Risks and Hygiene. Community manager of the city council mobility department social network. Administrator of www.donostiamovilidad.com website. Tamara is also involved in San Sebastian urban planification related to modal share and speed/noise subjects. She is in charge of events such as the European Mobility Week, conferences, bicycle fair and so on. Regarding European projects she has took part in SITE project as evaluation junior manager and she is the coordinator ofthe Cyclelogistics Ahead project in the city. Now she is working also in Replicate and SumpsUp projects. Shealso runs the Forum for urban distribution of goods in the city.

Eric Poscher, Morgenlab, Austria (Bar Table 14)

Eric Poscher has been working on cargobike projects since 2011 like the rad:bar and founded a cargobikeshop.

As a passionate Cargobike Connaisseur and Rider he has been known for transporting chocolate and rum from the Dutch sailingship Tres Hombres to Leipzig.

Based in Austria near Lake Constance he has been writing the book Car Go Bike Boom together with Jürgen Ghebrezgiabiher from Leipzig.

Rides: Bullitt Xtracycle Longtail Mountainbike, Folding and Recumbent Bikes alike.


Tom Parr, CycleSpace, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tom is a keen advocate of cycling, having worked for organisations including Cyclehoop and Bikewise in London and Sydney. Now based in Amsterdam, he is currently a Researcher for RIPPL, a project curating a list of best practices and innovations in cycle logistics. He is also a Project Leader at CycleSpace, working on projects relating to community, public space and promotion of urban cycling.

MONDAY 20 & TUESDAY 21 MARCH 2017 - 8:30 to 9:30


Alexandra Anderluh, Wissenschaftliche Projektmitbeiterin, Vienna, Austria (Bar Table 1)

Alexandra is a researcher at WU Vienna, where she is currently doing her PhD thesis in the field of vehicle routing in city logistics with a main focus on the inclusion of cargo bikes in last mile delivery. Besides, she and her colleagues Vera Hemmelmayr and Tina Wakolbinger have just finished a project focusing on the suitability of cities like Vienna for the commercial usage of cargo bikes.

Carmine Arvonio, CycloLogica, Firenze, Italy (Bar Table 2)

Carmine Arvonio is a cyclist and a courier with deep experience in educational programs for children and adults: formerly in theater and next in bike culture. He is the founder and main manager of Asd Brisken (sport and cycling as a way of life) and CycloLogica, a delivery company based on cargo bikes and electric vehicles. Main aim is providing a fundamental service in a clean way, contributing to improve urban quality life and human relationships in business. Link together education and efficient services is our main goal. www.ciclopoetica.eu

Cosimo Chiffi, TRT Trasporti e Territorio, Milan, Italy (Bar Table 3)

Cosimo is a transport economist at TRT Trasporti e Territorio, an Italian consultancy specialised transport economics, planning and modelling. His main areas of work and responsibilities deal with port and shipping economics, urban freight logistics, collective passenger transport and cycling policies. He is currently coordinating thematic cooperation activities within the CIVITAS Initiative and is involved in the Cyclelogistics Ahead project where he has analysed the role of micro-hubs and city policies favouring zero-emission delivery. Cosimo is also working on Short Food Supply Chains within the new CIVITAS 2020 project U-TURN focused on new model for urban food distribution. Go to the TRT website.


Gerhard Dehmer GerRad, Linz, Austria (Bar Table 4)



Ralph Hollenstein, Pedalpiraten, Voralberg, Austria (Bar Table 7)

Pascal Kellermayr Fahrradfensterputzer, Vienna, Austria (Bar Table 8)

Jeppe Larsen, MOVEBYBiKE, Stockholm, Sweden (Bar Table 9)

Jeppe Larsen is the CEO and co-founder of MOVEBYBiKE in Stockholm and Uppsala with 12 cargo bikes and 15 employes delivering and moving in any weather from early morning to late at night. Jeppe also co-founded Cradle Net in 2009, a swedish non-profit organisation and network working on the circular economy. A cargo bike is the perfect tool for circular city logistics.

Freya De Muynck, Traject, Belgium (Bar Table 10)

Freya De Muynck has worked at Traject since 2014. She works on various projects, both for government bodies and for companies. Her topics vary from mobility management to traffic safety. Since 2017 Freya works in-house as a mobility consultant for Eandis, Flanders largest gas and electric operator.

She coordinates the communication and dissemination of the Cyclelogistics project together with her colleague Vincent. Besides that she also organizes workshops for local government bodies and potential cycle couriers.


ris Neyens, VIL (Flanders Institute for Logistics), Berchem, Belgium (Bar Table 11)

Bjorn Offermann, Institute of Technical Thermodynamics in Stuttgart (German Aerospace Center), Germany (Bar Table 12)

Björn is responsible for the development of a fuel cell system, designed for the application in cargo bikes. The objective of his work is to provide more energy to cargo bikes than modern batteries can, in order to bring cargo bikes from niche to broad application. After finishing his study in advertising and working in that field, he studied business administration in Germany and Australia and finished in Switzerland, Geneva at CERN. His master thesis was about the innovation capability at CERN. Since then, he worked in technology transfer in the field of high technology for the Institute for Heavy Ion Research, German Cancer Research Center and German Aerospace Center.

Katerina Ovensa, Messenger, Prague, Czech Republic (Bar Table 13)

Katerina Ovesna is a director of sales and marketing department in Messenger company in Prague. She graduated from the Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University (CZ). She is responsible for marketing strategy and business development in the company. Since July 2014 the company launched a new project, which is delivering lunches and dinners by cargo bikes in a center of Prague within 10 minutes of ordering.


Logan Strenchock, Cargonomia, Budapest, Hungary (Bar Table 15)

Logan Strenchock is a co-founder of Cargonomia, a Budapest based low-tech, cargobicycle logistics centre providing solutions for the transport of goods, in particular healthy and locally produced food in Budapest. He is also an active participant in sustainable agriculture and conscious food consumption movements in Hungary, and the Sustainability Officer at Central European University. Additionally, Logan is a team member at Zsámboki Biokert, Cargonomia’s organic farm partner where he helps organize the farm’s community outreach and youth education programming.

Harri Zuazo Linacisoro, Txita, Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain (Bar Table 16)

Harri was born in Donostia-San Sebastián.Studied a degree in economics and business administration and management (Deusto University) and a master degree in Sustainable development, Agenda 21 manager (University of the Basque Country). He worked for several companies carrying out different types of jobs, at present works for Txita as sales manager among other things. Like offering trainings on how to start up a cycle-based delivery, giving talks about Txita company and showing different kind of institutions how things are made in San Sebastián. Go to the Txita website.


Vincent Meerschaert, Traject - Mobility Management, Ghent, Belgium

Vincent is director of Traject, a Brussels and Gent based company specialising in mobility management. Vincent has more than 15 years of experience in mobility projects on national and international level. He is specialist in sustainable urban mobility planning, cycling strategies and awareness raising campaigns. Vincent coordinated the highly appreciated CHAMP-project (http://www.champ-cycling.eu/en/) on leading cycling cities in Europe. For Cyclelogistics Vincent is responsible for the dissemination of the projects results all over Europe. He believes that sustainable urban logistics is a main key in achieving more liveable and attractive cities. Go to Traject’s website: www.traject.be