Stephan Renner, familienrad.at, Vienna (Session Moderator)

Stephan Renner has been working for the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Commission (IEE) which cofunded the Cyclelogistics projects. He is currently on parental leave and based in Vienna.



Annick Roetynck, Manager, LEVA-EU (D1)

Annick Roetynck is currently managing the Light Electric Vehicle Association in Europe, LEVA-EU. Until recently, she was responsible for the Light Electric Vehicle Task Force in AVERE. From 1995 to 2013 she was Secretary General of the European TwoWheel Retailers' Association (ETRA), the European trade association for bicycle and PTW dealers.

She has a very thorough knowledge of European rules and legislation on LEVs in general and on electric bicycles in particular.

She represented ETRA in the working group "motorcycles" of the European Commission. Since 2014 she represents AVERE in this working group, which is dealing with the type-approval for L-category vehicles.

She has also contributed to several European projects: Presto project (EACI), E-bike and Twin (Leonardo da Vinci), REE4EU (Horizon 2020) and Solutions (FP7). She is currently working on a Belgian LNE project aimed at delivering a study on light electric vehicles for the Department of Environment, Nature and Energy.

Dr. Eric Gross, Technical University Hamburg, Germany (D2)

Eric studied mechanical engineering, followed by his PhD Thesis about Mountain Bikes in 1996, and since 1997 has been employed as Chief Engineer at Technische Universität Hamburg. At the DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V - the German Institute for Standardization), Eric is working on new German Standards DIN 79010-1: "Cycles - Transport and delivery cycles - Part 1: General requirements and test methods” and DIN Spec 79009: “EPAC-Cycles — Environmental Assessment — Safety related aspects”. Eric serves as an expert in several working groups of CEN/TC 333 (European Standards for bicycles) and is a delegate for ISO4210 (International Standard for Cycles), also involved in electrically power assisted cycles (EPAC) and personal light electric vehicles (PLEV). He is collaborating on a project on human exposure to vibration while riding electrically power assisted cargo cycles. Eric chairs the working group “Bicycle Safety” of the DVM (Deutscher Verband für Materialforschung) und -prüfung e.V.

Jürgen Kurzmann, lobo.at, Vienna, Austria (E1)

Juergen is founder and developer of lobo.at - Software for Courier Services. His scientific origin can be found in biomedical engineering and psychology. Yet, he stumbled upon bike messenger services that caught his attraction. He swapped his academic profession for his passion for eco-friendly solutions. The goal was to enhance the idealistic approach of bike messengers by a competitive software tool. Established since 2007, lobo.at now provides a comprehensive web-application for collecting, dispatching and accounting jobs. Constantly maintained and further developed the software enables bike couriers to connect and cooperate in international networks.


Workshop E - Finding the right IT System

MONDAY 20 MARCH 2017 - 16:00 to 16:50


Workshop D - The Future of Electric Assist and cargo bike classification

Dmitri Fedortchenko, Move By Bike, Sweden (Session Moderator)



Sacha Thömmes, Daanuu.com, Luxembourg (E2)

Sacha Thömmes is a former stock exchange software manager, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Daanuu. The company provides order management, route planning automation, traffic prediction, tracking, notifications and an advanced mobile app for the workers in the field (drivers, technicians). Click here to go to the Daanuu website.