Daniel Kofler, Bike Citizens, Austria (B1)

The goal of Bike Citizens is to make our cycling app and other tools available to urban cyclists in all cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Worldwide there are about 4,000 cities of around this size. We’ve been quite busy the past few years and are now happy to tell you that our cycling app can be used in over 400 cities – with more to come.

More about bike citizens here.


Simon Manville, Project Officer - Cycling Projects Team, Cambridgeshire County Council, UK (B6)

Working in the Major Infrastructure Delivery team at Cambridgeshire County Council, Simon manages the development and delivery of some innovative, cycling focussed, infrastructure improvement projects in and around Cambridge. Additionally Simon organises events to promote cycling and manages contracts for the delivery of cycle training. Cambridgeshire County Council is a partner in the EU Cyclelogistics Ahead Project (2014-2017) and Simon has contributed by producing guidelines for clean logistics in new housing and business developments as well as facilitating the trial of a micro-consolidation centre by Outspoken. Prior to moving to Cambridge in 2013, Simon worked for UPS, Emirates Skycargo and DHL Global Forwarding. He has a degree in International Transport from Cardiff University Business School and an MBA from Newcastle University Business School. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Verena Ehrler, DLR German Aerospace Centre, Berlin, Germany (B4)

Verena is a researcher at the DLR Institute of Transport Research. Based on her degree in Economics from St. Gallen University, Switzerland, she worked in logistics and transport-related industry for over 15 years. In 2011 she was awarded her PhD in transport research at the Technical University Berlin for her work on e-freight. At DLR Institute of Transport Research, Verena is focusing on commercial transport, in particular on the calculation of commercial transport chain emissions, electric vehicles for commercial transport and physical internet. Currently she is working on the projects TRASHH (electric vehicles for municipality services in Hamburg) and LEARN (Logistics Emission Accounting and Reduction Network, H2020). In addition Verena is a lecturer within the Master of Aviation program at Wildau Institute of Technology.

Susanne Wrighton, FGM-Amor, Graz, Austria (B3)

Ms. Susanne Wrighton gained her PhD in molecular biology at the University of Vienna. This was followed by a Scientific Coordinators position at Harvard Medical School in Boston and the Sandoz Vienna International Research Cooperation Centre. She then relocated to the UK to devote her time to her 2 children and subsequently trained as a figurative sculptor.

In 2008 she joined FGM-AMOR (Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität – Austrian Mobility Research) where she has gained extensive experience in the management of European projects (e.g. Trendy Travel, BAMBINI, BICY, Cyclelogistics, etc.). She is coordinator of the ongoing Cyclelogistics-Ahead project and the evaluation leader of this urban logistics project. Her principal fields of work include clean urban logistics, raising awareness campaigns and mobility management. Her aim is to transform our cities into more livable places by proposing viable alternatives to motorized transport.

Veerle de Meyer, Mobility Project Co-ordinator, Stad Mechelen, Belgium (B5)

Veerle De Meyer works at the mobility department of the City of Mechelen in Belgium. She is project coordinator for the Cyclelogistics Ahead European Project.

Veerle has more than 15 years of experience in communication and marketing functions for several profit and non-profit organizations.

She is therefore the right person to manage the deliverables of the Cyclelogistics project. Next to the start-up of a cyclelogistics company in the city, she works on the build-up of awareness of cyclelogistics with all the different stakeholders and sets up pilot projects with regards to first and last mile deliveries.

Reinhard Jellinek, Austrian Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria (B2)

Reinhard Jellinek is a senior scientific officer at the Austrian Energy Agency and is mainly working in the fields of consumer behaviour and all transport related issues. He has been coordinating various projects on national, EU and international levels, including the MERKUR project on safety issues of pedelecs and the RAKO-Donaukanal project on bicycle-related innovative urban logistic solutions. He has also been working on the development of training workshops for cycling trainers.


MONDAY 20 MARCH 2017 - 11:30 to 13:00 SESSION 1 - SHOWCASE

B: Municipalities & commercial use of cargo bikes Six Pecha Kucha sessions

Florian Lorenz, Plansinn, Vienna, Austria (Session Moderator)

Executive Director, Smarter Than Car


Florian Lorenz is an interdisciplinary planner and communications expert with a focus on urban mobility, citizen engagement and post-fossil urbanism. He is director of the think tank Smarter Than Car and a consultant at PlanSinn in Vienna. Florian organized and coordinated influential public forums, including the Fourth World Bicycle Forum, the 2013 Velo-city and the 2015 Walk21 conference as well as the Low Carbon City Forum. Florian has been an invited speaker at conferences and universities in Europe, China and Latin America and advocates his agenda as activist, blogger and educator. Go to Florian's website @floloeco @smarterthancar


Julia Zientek, FGM-Amor, Graz, Austria (B1)

Julia Zientek holds a university degree in human geography with a focus on spatial development and planning. She is a junior researcher and consultant working in the fields of cycling traffic and mobility management at Austrian Mobility Research since 2011.