MONDAY 20 MARCH 2017 - 11:30 to 13:00 SESSION 1 - SHOWCASE

A: Business of CycleLogistics Six Pecha Kucha sessions

Gary Armstrong, ECLF, Cambridge, UK (Session Moderator)

Gary is a consultant with Outspoken LLP, the Cambridge-based cycle logistics company as well as one of the founding directors of ECLF. He was a project leader on the EU CycleLogistics Project (2011-14) and the EU CycleLogistics Ahead Project (2014-17). He has delivered training workshops on how to start up a cycle logistics business all over Europe. He has worked for local government on the delivery of sustainable transport and mobility management programmes and worked previously for information technology firms.


Benjamin Georg, Cargobike.Berlin, Germany (A1)



Mario Eibl, Gleam Technologies, Vienna, Austria (A2)

Mario Eibl is the founder of GLEAM, a development company for sustainable products and services.

The main mission of GLEAM is to increase urban quality of life by reducing local emissions and providing new services.

With his team and partners he has developed a new light electric cargo bike in different versions with the focus on fast delivery in dense urban areas. The product is being used and tested in a 70 hour/week delivery service for groceries in Vienna. Click here to find out more about GLEAM.


Sander Vandenberghe, Cargo Vélo, Gent, Belgium (A3)

As a passionate cyclist and founder of the Belgian bike messenger company Cargo Vélo, Sander has a clear view on lots of cycle logistics developments in the latest years. Home-based in Ghent, Cargo Vélo has always been operating in a dynamic setting with quite a few (competing) logistic operators. During four years, the business has known a steady and organic growth. Right now Sander, extra co-founders and collaegues are tackling the further growth of Cargo Vélo, without neglecting values and independency. One of the ambitions is to scale up certain activities, in which cooperation with other companies and networks becomes more and more important. All this of course comes with a lot of interesting challenges! Find out more during the talk!



Marian Gogola, Zaneskurier & University of Zilina, Zilina (A4)

Marian is a lecturer at the University of Zilina with an interest in transport planning focusing on public transport and cycling. In the research area he has participated in various international projects dealing with sustainable mobility as CentralMeetbike, Rumobil, etc. He is also a founder of bicycle courier company Zaneskurier which is based in Zilina and started operations in 2016. His hobby is the promotion and propagation of cycling as standard urban means of transport via webportal www.cyklodoprava.sk and magazine Cyklistická doprava (Cycling transport).



Šimon Krošlák, Cyklokuriér Švihaj Šuhaj, Bratislava, Slovakia (A4)

Šimon is a geographer, and leader of Slovak bike messenger company Cyklokuriér Švihaj Šuhaj which is part of a larger courier company GO4. He has a lot of experience of cooperation between car and bike couriers to ensure the best service in a large city area with a relatively small population. He is inetersted in cyclelogistics, cycling transport, car free and low emission zones in city centres. He is also one of the founders of Slovak CycleLogistics Federation.

Paul Brandstäter, Veloce, Vienna, Austria (A5)

-Born 1966 in Zell am See

-Finished humanistic high school in Salzburg 1984

-Started the first cycle messenger service in Austria 1987: Veloce

-Started the first visa service in Austria 1990

-Started the first overnight express courier network in Austria 1995

-Run express logistics networks in Austria and its neighboring countries until 2013

-Sold the logistic networks and visum service companies in 2013

-Established new local IT-integrated B2C-delivery services across Austria from 2014

Click here to find out more about Veloce.




Frank Müller, Urban Cargo, Berlin, Germany (A6)

Frank is the founder of Urban Cargo, which is a provider for sustainable logistics with Cargo eBikes in Berlin. Urban Cargo is a subcontractor for Amazon. He also works as the project-manager for sustainable logistics with General Overnight in the Cyclelogistics project (2015 - 2017).

He was the CEO of Urban-e in Berlin developing and constructing the famous Cargo eBike iBullitt (2011-2014).

From 2009 till 2011 Frank was the CEO of the German Federation of eMobility (BEM) .