TUESDAY 21 MARCH 2017 - 11:30 to 13:00 SESSION 3 – STRATEGY

C: Municipalities & the private use of cargo bikes Panel discussion

Martin Blum, Director, Mobilitätsagentur Wien, Austria (C10)

Vienna is growing rapidly. At the end of 2015, the city had about 30,000 inhabitants more than a year before. For Vienna to remain a great place to live and to achieve its climate protection goals, it is necessary to change our travel habits. The city of Vienna has set itself the goal of significantly increasing the proportion of people walking and cycling. The Mobility Agency Vienna was founded in 2011 to promote cycling and, since 2013, walking, with campaigns, awareness-raising, services and innovative projects. The Mobility Agency is the first point of contact for anyone with suggestions for improvements to pedestrian or bicycle routes. As an intermediary between citizens, the administration and politicians, the Agency works to make walking and cycling in the city easier, more comfortable and safer.

More about Mobilitätsagentur Wien here.

Manuel Pröll, Expert, City of Vienna (C11)

Manuel Pröll has a master’s degree in urban planning (UT Vienna 2011). After freelance work at the Austrian Road Safety Board he is since 2014 technical officer and project manager at Vienna City Administration, department of Urban Development and Planning. His thematic focus is on mobility strategies, especially in die field of urban tram systems and cycling policy.



Martin Eder, Cycling Co-ordinator, Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture,

Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Vienna, Austria (C12)

Martin Eder is a transportation engineer working as Cycling Officer at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Environment. He is coordinating the development and implementation of the Austrian Masterplan Cycling, which aims to increase the national cycling share form 7% to 13% until 2025. Within klimaaktiv mobil – the Austrian climate protection initiative for the transport sector – Martin Eder is responsible for cycling promotion measures like the Austrian financial support scheme for cargo bikes. He is also involved in the development of the Pan-European Masterplan Cycling under the umbrella of UNECE/WHO Transport, Health, Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP).



Andreas Zobl, Das Lastenrad Graz, Austria (C13)

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