TUESDAY 21 MARCH 2017 - 11:30 to 13:00 SESSION 3 – STRATEGY

A: Business of CycleLogistics Panel discussion:

Francisco Luciano, Douze Cycles, Paris, France (Session Moderator)

Francisco is a civil engineer and town planner, who has worked in the field of urban mobility for the past fifteen years. He became interested in alternative urban logistics through his involvement in two cargo tram projects (in La Reunion and Amsterdam). In April 2014, he accompanied his son – a bike mechanic – to the cargo-bike festival in Nijmegen and liked what he saw. So, he decided to lend Richard and Gary a hand with the development of the ECLF. In 2016, he became an associate of Douze Cycles, the cargo bike manufacturer.


Birgit Hendricks, eco2city, The Netherlands (A10)

In 2008 Birgit Hendriks was co-creator (together with Max Prudon) of the NGO Eco2city. Eco2city aims at reducing freight traffic in cities by inventing and implementing new concepts and by creating a neutral European group of collaborating Smart City Hubs. Eco2city works on this development in several national and European projects, both research and operational.

Over the last years, Eco2city developed the Dutch Binnenstadservice, the concept of the Freight Circle (neighbourhood distribution combined with urban mining) and the concept of the Smart City Hubs (instead of the familiar UCC). In this Cargo Cycle conference she will present the Triple X vision on optimising city logistics.

Ralf Bogdanski, Technische Hochschule, Nürnberg, Germany (A11)

Ralf Bogdanski is a professor for sustainability and logistics at the faculty of economics at the TH Nürnberg and a member of the university’s competence centre for logistics. For many years he has been a researcher and lecturer of green logistics and city logistics. He was the leader of the first pilot project “green logistics” in Nürnberg. Currently, he is leading the pilot project “sustainable city logistics with CEP services using the micro-depot-concept” as an official part of the city’s clean air action plan. He is an author of surveys about sustainable city logistics, a supervisor of many academic works regarding green logistics, a member of the transportation board of the CCI Nürnberg and Middle Franconia and a member of the Center for Transportation & Logistics Neuer Adler e.V. in Nürnberg.

Susanne Balm, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (A12)

Susanne Balm works at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), as project leader in the research programme Urban Technology. She is responsible for the LEVV-LOGIC project, which focuses on the use of light electric freight vehicles (LEFV) for city logistics. The 2-year project started in September 2016 and has 30 participants from the public and private sector, including logistics services providers, vehicles suppliers and shippers. Together they are developing and applying knowledge on new logistics concepts and business models with LEFV, supporting the ambition towards zero emission transport in 2025. Before her career at AUAS, she worked as consultant at TNO where she gained experience in national and European projects in the field of sustainable logistics and urban freight transport.