Dr. Bernhard Ensink, ECF, Brussels, Belgium

Bernhard Ensink has been Secretary General of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) since 2006. Previously he was the Director of ‘Fietsersbond’, the Dutch Cyclists’ Union from 1998 until 2006. He has been Vice Mayor of the Dutch city of Coevorden (1994-1998), responsible for public affairs, spatial planning, environment, housing and finance. Born in 1956 in Germany, he has a doctorate in theology/ethics (Netherlands, 1995).


TUESDAY 21 MARCH 2017 - 09:30 to 11:00

PLENARY SESSION – “I have a dream”

Chris Cummins, Vienna, Austria (Session Moderator)

Chris Cummins is a journalist, radio presenter, Alpine addict, and Englander living in Vienna.

Liv Jorun Andenes, Agency for City Environment, City of Oslo

Liv Jorun Andenes is a communication officer for the City of Oslo’s Bicycle Office. She spearheads the municipality’s communication with its citizens regarding the bold plans for rebuilding a bicycle-friendly Oslo. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and an MA in Development and Environment. Her studies culminated with her thesis, entitled “Bicycle Commuting in Oslo - Practices, Constraints and New Directions for Policy” which provided her with the perfect springboard into her current job, where she works daily with campaigns, communication and pilot projects.


Rob King, Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge, UK

Rob is the co-founder and MD of Outspoken Delivery, an urban logistics operator specialising in last mile deliveries and working in three UK cities. Rob is responsible for finance and strategy and working with his team to build the network of hubs and developing relationships with their partners; local businesses, Councils as well as third party logistics operators.

Rita Huber, RITA bringt's, Austria, Vienna

RITA bringt’s is Vienna’s first delivery service for organic vegetarian lunch, delivered by cargo bikes (founded in 2014). Beneath the daily lunch delivery, a catering service for events with 20 to 500 people was developed as a related and important branch for business. The biggest member of the fleet (consisting of 13 cargo bikes and four trailers) is the so called "Food Bike", a mobile cargo bike kitchen for street food events. Rita is founder and CEO of the company and head of the kitchen for all its logistic questions. Originally working in arts and film business, she has now become an expert in all questions concerning food delivery, cargo bike transport, city logistics and, of course, vegetarian cooking.


Lars Purkarthofer, Public Affairs, UPS Germany